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Mrs.  Janet  Bloomston
Assistant Principal

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Assistant Principal

Welcome to the community of Odenville, Alabama, home of Odenville Elementary School. My name is Janet Bloomston and I am the assistant principal at this amazing place. I have lived in this community my entire life and have witnessed first hand the growth that has taken place throughout the years. My grandmother graduated from SCCHS in 1947 and our family still attends Odenville schools today. Our little community has always been a caring place that I am blessed to call home. 

I live in Odenville with my husband, Joel. We have 2 children, Molli and Isan. Molli is fourteen and attends St. Clair County High School and Isan is eight and attends Odenville Intermediate. We attend Branchville Cumberland Presbyterian Church. I enjoy being outdoors, gardening, going to the beach, going to the lake, and sometimes I enjoy simply doing nothing at all......although that rarely happens. I received my BA in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Western Governors University. I completed a MA in Curriculum and Instruction from Grand Canyon University. I completed my second MA in Instructional Leadership from the University of Alabama, Roll Tide!

Children in today’s society are our future. As educators, it is our responsibility to prepare students of today for what lies ahead. We should strive to provide our students with ample learning opportunities, and at the same time, meet the need of each individual student. By doing so, their achievements in life can be upmost rewarding. Research has proven that collaboration between educators, parents, and students is essential and holds the key to students’ success. The position that I hold as assistant principal allows me the opportunity to share ideas, research based materials, resources, and guidance to those at stake for preparing the future of today’s students. 

Upon becoming a part of an administration team, I set personal goals. My goals are to aide the administration, educators, and parents with the most beneficial learning resources possible that will provide all students an equal learning opportunity. I believe all students can learn and I believe that by meeting the needs of each individual student, they can reach their highest potential. In order for a child's need to be met, collaboration must take place. Collaboration between all stakeholders regarding the education of the child is necessary; parents/guardians, faculty, and administration. By establishing a healthy relationship between everyone involved, needs can be met, goals can be set, and progress can be made. 

For me, the foremost reward that I have found in the profession of education is when a student is successful; simple as that. As a part of the administrative team at OES, I will strive for all students to feel a sense of success. There is no rule in life that states one “must” be a good reader, be good in math, be a good musician, or be a good athlete. But, every student can be good at something. I am a firm believer in finding out what the student is good at and build on their strength. When you do just this, you are building a character within a child that may not know what they have inside. As educators make student’s aware of their strengths and what they can do instead of what they can’t, success lies ahead for that individual.

At Odenville Elementary, we put students first. They are who matter and they are the reason why we do what we do, educate. Our administrative team is dedicated to constantly researching, reading, and learning how we can make the learning environment better for the students. Personally, I believe that in the field of education, the word “enough” does not exist. For, there is never enough time, enough research, enough money, enough support, or enough resources. Perhaps if there were ever enough, then the drive to become better and want more would dissolve. Therefore, as educators, we must never settle for less, find out the needs of each individual student, and provide the most abundant learning environment possible. I look forward to a great year as I uphold the position of assistant principal at Odenville Elementary. Please know that I am here for you, your child, your family, and our community.