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Monday, August 31, 2015
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                        “I’M HUNGRY!” Isn’t that what we all hear after school? St Clair County Schools are delighted to offer FREE AFTER SCHOOL MEALS to children ages 18 and under for the 2015-16 school year. Athletes and Mathletes alike will benefit from a nutritious meal to fuel up for team practice, homework and other after-school activities. Join the fun this year! Stay after school and get your Nutrition On!


                 Afterschool Meals: Food, Friends and Fun


Frequently Asked Questions


What are afterschool meals programs? Afterschool meals programs are a federal child nutrition program funded by the USDA and designed to provide kids and teens ages 18 and under free, healthy meals when the school day ends.


What are the requirements for my child or teen to receive a meal? Do I have to fill out an application form? There is no application necessary to receive a meal and you do not have to show proof of income. Kids and teens ages 18 and younger can just show up at an afterschool meal site during the site’s hours of operation to participate


Is there a cost? No. All afterschool meals offered through the USDA’s programs are FREE to all kids and teens ages 18 and younger.


What kind of food is served at these sites? The meals served are healthy and meet USDA guidelines. A typical meal, for example, will include a chicken sandwich, milk, 100% fruit juice, chips and bottled water.


What can I do to help? You can share information about our afterschool meals with your friends, neighbors and family members.


Who funds free afterschool meals? Afterschool meals programs are funded by the USDA through the Child and Adult Food Care Program and are administered by the St Clair County Board of Education, Jenny Seals, Superintendent.


Have other questions? Please contact Child Nutrition Program Director, Rachel Fowler at 205-594-2022 or visit our website: and follow the links under Departments to Child.


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