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Auburn University

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education


My name is Maribeth Harris.  I have been teaching here at OES for 16 years. I graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Elementary Education.  I am so blessed to be doing what I love each and every day as a job.  I felt the calling to teach very early on as a high school student.  My mom taught here at OES as well and I wanted to follow in her footsteps and do what God had called me to do.  My love for teaching has grown so much in my time here. I love to incorporate my musical and artistic gifts in my teaching.  I want my students to love learning as much as I love teaching!!  Each child I teach will always be "my baby".  It makes me so happy to see my grown students become successful life long learners!!


When I'm not at school I am home loving on my wonderful family. I am married to Brandon Harris who is a hard worker and a wonderful husband and daddy!   I have a son Alex who is 14 at SCCHS, Caleb who is 10 at OIS and my baby John Houston who is 3 years old!  We also have two rabbits who are also male!  As you can see I am very outnumbered in my house.  In my spare time I like to play with my children, work in my garden, can fresh veggies, paint, cook, play the paino, make pottery, and sing.  I am so happy that I can incorporate these gifts in my teaching each day!