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Principal's Corner

Internet Resources
NetSmartz Workshop is an interactive, educational program of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® (NCMEC) that provides age-appropriate resources to help teach children how to be safer on- and offline. The program is designed for children ages 5-17, parents and guardians, educators, and law enforcement. With resources such as videos, games, activity cards, and presentations, NetSmartz entertains while it educates.

Student Resources
Visit this terrific site to explore geographic, scientific, and historical concepts, issues and events. Extensive bibliographies and links to countless web sites to explore a given topic in depth.
This site offers a variety of opportunities for kids and teachers including an archive link ( that allows you to print any or all of the TFK articles in English and Spanish.
The kids' section of the web site of the National Wildlife Foundation. Loaded with information about animal conservation and animals in general. Click on Prowl the Past: Ranger Rick Index to find the titles and locate any past articles in the Ranger Rick archives.
The official site of the Library of Congress. Click on kids and families to discover the compelling story of America's past as presented by the Library of Congress. Or explore this site endlessly for anything you can imagine.
The New York Times kids' edition. A truly fantastic site with news summaries, science Q&A's, who's who and what's what features, as well as an opportunity to explore the NY Times learning network by subject.
A library created by students for students. The ThinkQuest Library is a free educational resource featuring 5,500+ websites created by students from around the world.
A site that explains how just about everything in the world works.
A site that gives us the science behind the news. Click on The Why Files in Education for an amazing array of information on scientific topics of all kinds.
This site offers Nobel speeches, history of winners and their prizes, simulations for kids, and more.
Check this out for great information, photographs, and stories about anything pertaining to the ocean and to marine conservation.
EcoKids is Earth Day Canada's environmental education programs for youth who care about the planet. This web site is their interactive environmental web site for children, families, and educators in Canada and around the world.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Weather Service provides up-to-date weather forecasts. Click on Education/Outreach, and then NOAA Education Page for general educational information about the weather and a list of weather web sites of interest to kids.
The site of the San-Francisco-based Exploratorium Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception. This is packed with scientific information and interactive possibilities on a wide range of topics.
The site of the Anneberg Foundation to advance excellent teaching in America's schools. Information on school reform, professional development, teaching and learning curriculum suggestions, and so on.
The student section of site with interactive exhibits that focus on extensions of a concept or theme that is explored on the site.
The history of America from New World encounters to contemporary history with information, narratives, maps, and links to other relevant American history web sites.
A web site dedicated to hooking kids on classical music. As they say on their home page, "Classics for kids is here to help you learn about classical music and have fun too."
Sports Illustrated web site for kids. Full of sports information, articles, radio programs, survey questions, and more.
The web site of Kids Discover magazine. Click on Teach and the click on A Look Inside Every Title and you will discover an amazing list of resources that includes a list of web sites, children's books, adult books and community resources that support both social studies and science curriculum.
The Kids button on this Smithsonian Institution's website leads you to a selection of arts, science and nature, history and culture, and people and places resources that support both social studies and science curriculums.
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration's education site. Check out the Site Map for an impressive array of space-based resources. The site's designed-for-kids games and activities pique interest in the universe beyond our planet.
The Boston Museum of Science website contains both student ("Explore and Learn") and teacher ("Educator Tools") resources. The Virtual Exhibits provide great content for a variety of topic studies.
In addition to local zoo events, the San Diego Zoo website offers a wealth of conservation and wildlife information, activities, and projects.

Parent Resources
In February 1997, Susan Brooks and Bill Byles began a collaborative effort to extend assistance to fellow teachers. In November of 2000 that project expanded to a web presence known as Internet 4 Classrooms ("i4c"), a free web portal designed to assist anyone who wants to find high-quality, free Internet resources to use in classroom instruction, developing project ideas, reinforcing specific subject matter areas both in the class and at home and even for online technology tutorials. The portal is used by teachers, parents and students of all ages on six of the seven continents (there are not many classrooms in Antarctica) and is available to anyone with an Internet connection.
Discovery Education accelerates school districts' digital transition through comprehensive standards-based content, professional development, formative assessment, and community engagement proven to positively impact student achievement.
Peer-reviewed, published educational research proves that parent involvement has a powerful positive impact on school success no matter what the student’s age—from preschool through high school. Now you can improve achievement at your school or district by helping all parents, even in vulnerable sub-groups, understand their valuable influence on student success. On our website, you’ll find publications containing thousands of research-based ideas to help parents understand their vital role as well as specific, easy-to-use tips and techniques they, and students, can use at home. It’s never too late to help parents!
National PTA® comprises millions of families, students, teachers, administrators, and business and community leaders devoted to the educational success of children and the promotion of parent involvement in schools.